la-remodeling home glass window

If you have decided to change the windows on your house, it is probably because your existing ones are single pane and so therefore not very efficient when it comes to saving money on heating bills. This means that although you will have to decide on what material you want the window frames to be but also as to whether you want double or triple paned windows. Another choice you will have to make is as to which contractor you will hire to ensure that the replacement windows are installed properly, ensuring their maximum efficiency. Replacement Windows in Milwaukee WI was something that many contractors offered to do but when Wisconsin carried out a study, they found that 67% of the contractors should not be hired as they were either unqualified or did not have appropriate insurance for accepting the task. Due to the results of this study, many people in Wisconsin carefully choose the contractor they hire to replace their windows. They check the contractor’s licence and also check that they are adequately insured and some even check the internet for any reviews there may be of the contractor.

Double paned windows did not really exist until the 1960s and so most houses built prior to that are still fitted with single paned windows and their owners are paying high heating bills because of them. By switching to double or triple paned windows, a home owner could reasonably expect to save $500 on their heating bills each year.

Although this may seem like huge savings and they are, the initial cost of the replacement windows can be as much as $12,000 and so for at least the first few years, those savings are just recouping you the initial expense. As the windows are so expensive, many people first look to see if the existing windows can be repaired or if their energy efficiency can be improved and often it can. These improvements, although saving you money, will not be as big as the savings you could make by buying new windows but, it would not have cost you $12,000 for the improvements. If you have a house which has any kind of historical value, before replacing any windows you should check to see how replacing the windows will affect the value of the house. Although under normal circumstances, replacing single pane windows with double paned windows will increase the value of any house but, if the house has historic value, that value may be lost by replacing the windows and so the overall value of the house is lower. An example of how t if a house has stained glass windows, removing the stained glass windows may remove any character that the house displayed and therefore make it less appealing and that of course means, less valuable.

Having paid $12,000 and had their windows replaced, most home owners are pleased with the choice they made and once they have recouped their initial cost, will continue to save money well into the future.